TISLR 12 Conference reflections

I have recently returned from working as an English-ASL interpreter at the TISLR 12 Conference (Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research), which took place in Melbourne, Australia. First of all Australia is beautiful! I was a part of the ASL team that was hired to work at the conference and we worked alongside with the AUSLAN team. As  deaf interpreter, I worked from either AUSLAN-British Sign Language, and/0r English subtitles/Closed captioning. This approach was a very positive and enriching experience, and demonstrated the versatile roles that a Deaf interpreter can undertake.


Here’s a video, which demonstrated my work from AUSLAN to ASL.


In addition, here’s a photo of all the interpreters that worked at the conference, there were mostly AUSLAN and ASL, but also Japanese Sign Language, Danish Sign Language and I believe Swedish Sign language interpreters.


TISLR Interpreters in Melbourne, Australia
TISLR Interpreters in Melbourne, Australia

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