StreetLeverage Article: Treachery

StreetLeverage: Treachery

ARTICLE: Treachery: Why Sign Language Interpreters Don’t Correct Each Other’s Work?

Personal commentary: A fantastic article by Darren Byrne, which was submitted to StreetLeverage. An ongoing issue within the interpreting community, including deaf interpreters. From a Deaf person’s perspective, this can be even more challenging because if we stand up and complain about the interpreting services, we may seem ungrateful and demanding, however, if we sit still and do not complain, we are not receiving the complete interpretation. My ability to respond/react/object/complain often is contingent upon the situation and who are present in that moment. It is especially more challenging for me now as I am also a colleague and not necessarily always a consumer of the services. This type of reaction has made me realize that I have made this a personal issue when it should be a professional and a competency issue.

This is something that needs to be explored further and have an ongoing dialogue.

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