Seymour Joseph Institute

Christopher Tester has been hired to teach a 5 week course on introduction to Deaf Interpreter course at the Seymour Joseph Institute in Staten Island, NY. This will be a 30 hour, 2 nights a week course as part of their interpreter training program. This course is geared for the current Deaf students who are going through the program, to get specialized training on the roles and responsibilities of a Certified Deaf Interpreter. The course started on January 10, and will end on Thursday, February 9, 2012.

Relay Interpreting: A Team Approach

Christopher Tester has been requested to co-develop a 4 weekend training series with Sharon Neumann Solow and Trenton Marsh, which is to focus on training a group of Deaf individuals who are interested in becoming a Certified Deaf Interpreters in Honolulu, HI, as well as creating a enhanced teaming approach with the community’s currently Certified Hearing Interpreters. The project begins at the end of September, and ends in December, 2011.